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Brandable Web Based Applications

Custom applications that can be used to build your business

Business Broker Industry Apps

Profile, Process Management and Matching Application

Collect, profile and autonomously match small business buyers and sellers with built-in complex algorithms. All questions asked of the BOT are customizable. Partial automation of the complex brokering process speeds the time to the transaction and reduces deal failures by pre-screening and collecting critical information on the buyers and sellers in advance of transactions. i.e. bank pre-approvals. Users can sort buyers and sellers by several metrics including industry multiples, cash flow, area, industry, debt coverage ratios and sales by employee among others. The application guides buyers and sellers through the lengthy preparation process saving broker valuable time and money. This application can be branded with your name and logo. This application is in Alpha stage and MVP. Jelderi is seeking partnerships with business broker firms to complete this program with optional customization requests.

Small Business Buyer Tool

This tool saves time for business buyers by instantaneously searching the top internet business listings with user-defined input for investment amount, income requirement and state. Results can be sorted and filtered and business profile links can be viewed. After a free account login, business interest results can be e-mailed to the user privately. Confidentiality for the buyer can be maintained by requesting that Jelderi lead business information requests.

Questions and Feedback

We would appreciate any feedback or questions regarding our applications or questions you have about deploying them for your own use or participation in their completion.